About Me

Walt Dittrich

I, Walt Dittrich, started this website to have my OWN place to post and put things. If people come to view, great. If not, great. These are MY thoughts. MY likes, dislikes, and most important, what I want to talk about. Sometimes, I might post quite a bit. Other times, not so much. My page. My rules.

Who I am

I’m a happily married man (over 22 years!) with three amazing children. Daughter and two boys. The older two are in college, while the other still in high school. I’ve had the same job, same employer for about twenty years. I’m active in my community, most importantly with the HomeOwners Association (HOA), in the community where I’ve lived for ten years.

Family, work, HOA, and play. That’s my life. Oh, what play? I love movies, music, and NFL Football (Go Chargers!). Eating is also one of my favorite activities. Whether it’s eating out, at a restaurant or otherwise, making food at home, I love it. I’m probably considered a snob because I don’t want things to just be okay, I want them to be GREAT! Anything less, and I’m disappointed. There are too many GREAT things out there, one shouldn’t settle for “just okay”.

When Walt Dittrich goes to do something, he wants to excel. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Put your all into it, and make it special.

My Life

I have had an amazing life. While it’s not even halfway over, I look back and see so many wonderful people that I’ve known. So many fantastic adventures I’ve had. So many experiences, that have all culminated into making me the man I am today. I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t take anything back. While choices have led to bad occurrences, then ensuing results helped new experiences erupt, and developed me further. Not to sound big-headed, but I’m very proud of who I am and what I’ve done.
The challenge is to overcome my shortcomings. If there is anything that Walt Dittrich could be said to be lacking in, it would be time and money management. While two separate things, they often overlap. The first part of solving a problem is knowing what the problem is, so these are two issues that I have to work on.
I’ll keep you informed…


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