First Fast Food Hamburger Joint

So, mind a wandering, which Fast Food hamburger restaurant was started first in the United States?

Specifically, one that is relatively nationwide, and still around?


Via Wikipedia*, the following list was compiled, by me, and sorted by date:


Restaurant Year

McDonald’s 1940

Dairy Queen 1940

Carl’s Jr 1941

Tommy Burger 1946

In and Out Burger 1948

Jack in the Box 1951

Fatburger 1952

Burger King 1953

Hardee’s 1960

Taco Bell 1962

Arby’s 1964

Del Taco 1964

Wendy’s 1969

Red Robin 1969

Naugles 1970



* I understand Wikipedia is able to be changed by ANYone, heck, I’ve changed it myself (see here). So yes, I take it with a grain of salt. However, it’s quick and easy, and if there is anything to dispute here, please comment and let me know.


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