Hello Again

(yes, a definite homage to the music group, The Cars, 1984)

Welcome to What’s What With Walt!
This column has been in various incarnations since 1983. It is designed to give you an insight to my brain. My mind exposed for the benefit of no one, save for me. Read with caution!

It was once told to me by a therapist, that writing your thoughts down helps you deal with issues, especially that of “closure” in regards to the death of loved ones. Documenting dreams, and other such issues is beneficial as well.

So, here I am. I haven’t kept a thought diary in many years. The last time, my wife came across it, and despite all disclaimers, as stated here, she got upset. Well, I implore you. If you, dear reader, are going to be upset, offended, or otherwise negatively impacted by my musings, STOP READING NOW!

I guarantee I will shock. I guarantee I will amuse. I also guarantee I won’t charge you money (although a click on the donation button sure would be nice

So, there you have it:
My blog. My thoughts. You’re welcome to comment. In fact, I encourage it. However, if I’m here by myself, that’s okay, too. As you’ll soon find out, I believe myself to be a loner, so I’m totally okay if you don’t speak up.

Read on, if you dare…
(whooo, spooky!)


Walt D in LV

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